About us – Asociația Română Împotriva Leucemiei – ARIL

About us

The Romanian Association Against Leukemia (ARIL) was founded in 2006 by Monica Bunaciu, who has defeated leukemia after a long fight, together with a group of people directly or indirectly involved in the fight against hematological diseases in the Romanian hospitals.

The mission of the association is to improve the chances of recovery of current and future patients with hematologic diseases in Romania, offering support and counselling to patients with hematological disorders and to their families and carrying out actions to improve the treatment conditions in Romania.

Our results up to April 2012

  1. We have offered counselling to 453 pacients. We have sent 31 pacients who could not be treated in Romania to experienced hospitals and clinics abroad, of which 19 are now cured, 10 have been in remission for the last 3 years and 5 in remission for the last 5 years.
  2. We have sent nurses on specialisation courses abroad in some of the world’s best clinics. These university level courses offered the opportunity to learn elite techniques which produce great results even in cases of transplants with partial compatibility and with pacients that are not accepted in other clinics due to their low chances of survival.
  3. We have collaboration agreements in place so that doctors, nurses and other medical staff, who want to specialise in leading clinics and hospitals aborad, can do so.

Donations through Paypal

Should you wish to donate to help us in our mission or give straight to one of the cases shown on our website, you can donate through Paypal. If you want to donate for a particular person, please quote their name in the payment mention box when asked for Name of case on the Paypal donation page, so we can forward your donation towards that person’s treatment as we do not send the funds directly to them.

Alternatively, enter Donation for ARIL as the mention if you wish to donate to us.

The team

Monica Bunaciu

President and founding member, Monica is the soul of the association. Survivor of leukemia, Monica mainly deals with counseling patients who need help, especially those found in hopeless situations in Romania, but also anything else that means supporting patients with blood diseases.

Anka Mateescu

Anka is founding member of the association and member of Board of Directors. Her desire to help the suffering motivates her to use her experience and time for the projects of the association and for our desire to improve the condition of patients in Romania.

Nicoleta Pascu

ARIL volunteer for many years, she has been a member with full rights and member in the Board of Directors since 2010. She is a psychologist with over six years experience in treating hematological patients and mainly operates at the Bucharest University Hospital. Her experience represents and invaluable help in the activity of the association.

Alexandra Rusu

Alexandra has been a member of the association since 2011 and is actively involved in the activities of the association, especially in those related to direct interaction with patients. Furthermore, her talent and experience in writing helps us develop better and more beautiful resources.